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Class Photography — the Midwest’s premier professional photography company

Pre-schools....elementary schools...dance schools...orchestras...sports teams...reunions -- both class and family...we're the photography company of choice when you need a high volume imaging professional. Schools love us for our efficiency and quality, not to mention how easy we are to communicate with. 

Having a family reunion, class reunion, or university reunion? Or would you like to capture your school’s entire graduating class for posterity? Then you need a large group professional photographer that specializes in groups of up to 500 people. We started out in business photographing large groups and its a skill we've perfected.

Why choose our photography company?

Because you want to look good in pictures, that’s why. The camera loves everyone when a professional wields it. At Class Photography we don’t just ask you to  say “Cheese!” First, we pose you, or your group, to it’s best photographic advantage against one of our hundreds of backgrounds. Afterward, we professionally edit every image we take. Our team of photo editing professionals are retouching experts. 

How do we shoot such enormously large groups?

Well, we don't just stand back and point the camera while an entire group of people says "cheese". That would make for one terrible picture. Instead we bring our risers to your location and pose everyone to the groups best photographic advantage. Then we shoot your group in sections, and stitch those sections together to make one great looking memory maker. In our panoramic prints each person is visible and the perspective is exactly as it appears if you were live at the event. Why do we use this method of large group photography? Because in our finished product there’s no distortion and there’s no large gaggle of people standing 8 deep whose faces you can’t quite discern.

And we love the challenge of capturing the perfect smile

While we are large group professionals, our professional photographers are also exceptionally friendly and patient with pre-schoolers and school age folks. And they're amazing at photographing prom goers and school athletes. We’ve mastered posing, lighting, and crowd management. We provide backgrounds specific to your event’s theme, or custom design a set specific to your school. As an added bonus, we manage the entire picture day from a photographic perspective so you don’t have to.

With over twenty years of experience, we’ve got a handle on getting this right so there won’t be any drama or chaos, just smooth sailing and vibrantly rich, eye-popping color photographs when we're done.

And here’s more reasons to choose Class Photography

We add custom touches to every image we take: a decorative border and custom text to your panoramic photo (using your school’s colors or your family’s chosen color scheme), your class or school specific logo if you have one. And before we’re done, we take the added step of making sure everyone’s eyes are open and their expressions are photo-worthy. That’s because we have a team of photo retouching professionals with exceptional skills in photo editing softwares.

In short, your going to love our images. Every image we create is simply CLASSic.  




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